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The future with AI (8)
The future with AI (8)

mie., 29 mai



The future with AI (8)

"The Future with AI" is a recurring 2-hour workshop designed to delve into the evolving frontier of ML/AI technologies. This dynamic series welcomes attendees from all walks—whether you're a student taking your first step into the AI realm or a seasoned practitioner.

Time & Location

29 mai 2024, 18:30 – 20:30

Cluj-Napoca, Strada Teodor Mihali 62, Cluj-Napoca 400394, Romania


Hyperparameter optimisation blueprint

Join us as we explore the blueprint for hyperparameter optimization in machine learning. This talk covers tools like TensorFlow and Optuna, thorough preparatory steps including data handling and baseline modeling, and approaches from grid search to Bayesian optimization. Learn to effectively utilize algorithms such as Gaussian Processes and Tree-structured Parzen Estimators to fine-tune your models, enhancing performance and ensuring robustness. Perfect for ML professionals aiming to master their model's efficiency and accuracy.

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