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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

It depends on the module you're interested in. The price usually hovers around 260 EUR / month. Please see the descriptions of each course for more information on the pricing.

My company allocates a development budget for employees. Can this course be covered by that?

Sure! We've had companies pay for training their employees before. We can issue the bill directly to your employer or to you, depending on what suits you best. 

Please make sure that your parent company knows and they're ok with you attending, though.

Do you organize internal company courses?

Yes. We've actually held company sponsored sessions in the past. These sessions are usually different from the public ones and are custom tailored for the specific problems the company wishes to expand on. If you work for a company that wants to orgainze a private session, reach out so we can understand your requirements and give you a quote.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, at the end of each session the participants will receive a diploma. It will nevertheless be of limited value to you since, in general, companies are interested in the skill you posses rather than any kind of diploma or certificate you present. If your goal for attending the course is to get the diploma we suggest you think twice before joining.

Can I choose which sessions I want to attend

No, and there are three reasons for that.

1. Costs. We understand that some topics may already be known to you, but given that logistical costs need to be paid upfront by us (rent, servers, taxes, promotional materials and speaker fees) we'd like to have some predictability. So we only charge for full sessions.

2. Knowledge. Although you may feel you know a subject, you may be missing some important details. Future sessions will probably build upon those and you could feel a disconnect if you only attended infrequently.  

3. Community. Each class has at most 10 persons attending (usually less) and this is because we want to promote a warm shared learning experience where you not only rely on the speaker for advice but on your colleagues as well (who may have solved some of your challenges you're facing with). Needless to say, this won't happen if people come infrequently. 

What am I actually buying? This information is freely available on the internet after all!

Indeed, we haven't invented any of the information we'll be teaching in our courses. More over, these can all be found freely on the internet. 

Having said that, this is why we think the courses are valuable:

1. Curriculum. The internet contains too many unorganised tutorials, blogs and classes. Having step-by-step lessons that guide you towards building a good understanding is rare. 

2. Questions. Online sources are a 1-way communication channel. You watch/read and if something doesn't click, then tough luck. In our sessions you can ask questions and we won't be moving along until everyone gets it.

3. Speed. If you're in a hurry this has it all organised for you in a concise format.  

3. Homework. You can only learn ML by doing it yourself, regardless of how many hours you spend devouring content. Concepts and frameworks are rather easy, but details matter so you need to work on ML projects to really understand. This is a difficult topic in itself: finding the appropriate ML challenge that is relevant to each course, not-so-hard, not-so-easy and something you can see the value of, all at once.

4. Community.   

5. Feedback. ML bugs don't raise exceptions, they don't crash, they just make the system underperform. This makes it difficult to know you have a problem and where to look for. We're here to offer you the guidance you need, highlight problems and suggest solutions. 

6. Commitment. Having a regular weekly session (that you've spent money on) forces you to make steady progress, which might otherwise be replaced by procrastination.

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