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We realise that Machine Learning is hard and needs time and practice to master. This is why, once you enrol to one of our classes you can come back anytime you like on future sessions. Come back if you feel you need to attend lessons that you've missed or parts you didn't understand properly. This is for free, forever. 


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  • mie., 05 mai
    05 mai, 18:30
    Get the fundamentals right! This course will gradually get you up to speed with machine learning. You'll learn the relevant tools and by the end of it, be able to compete on Kaggle and apply ML to your day-to-day job. 5th Edition, Cluj-Napoca. Price: 220 EUR / month Length: 2 months
  • vin., 09 apr.
    09 apr., 18:30
    Learn to build, train and debug neural network architectures. This course will focus exclusively on neural networks architectures and deep learning! Price: 250 EUR / month Length: 2 months

This course has helped me understand the concepts of machine learning, concepts that seemed impossible to grasp alone. Everybody interested in ML will benefit greatly from this course.

Mihnea Paul - Developer at Haufe


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The first Cluj-Napoca ML course is finally here. Take advantage of forward-thinking keynote speakers, networking with influential attendees, and much more. For more questions and answers, please refer to our FAQ.


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Cristian Lungu

Senior ML Consultant / Trainer

A prominent leader in the ML field, this Start-Up Founder is always seeking to break new ground and share his knowledge.


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